From 12 and up
60 min
6 performers
Choregraphy Bouba Landrille Tchouda

Bodies meeting without seeing each others. Human beings deprived of humanity. Lonely bodies, neurotic bodies, mechanical bodies. Robotic of modern times. Self negative, non-existence of each other. It seems we are looking at shadows, everlasting moves. Until a road cross another, until a body takes on another. Then we assist to the birth of a community which grows as a fugue of Bach : an organised cumulative of musical lines, melodies being here replaced by moving bodies.

We never know what parts of random chance make that people meet and grow a community. But it always happens this way : human beings meet, become easier to get on with, appreciate each other, tear each other apart. They seem to unite with each other to burst eventually.

No matter the name of the community, people, village, family, group or line for whatever desk, he/she is here, the human being, in desperate straits, on the watch, agreeing to live with others only if one fully exists within this group itself, that is to say : if one is the first.

First, the first, always being the first one, at the top of the hill, at the top of the podium, at the top of the bill. Loving, flattering, smiling at each other : just to take his/her place.

Complexity, difficulties in human relationships. Existing with each other is giving others a little of oneself, undress oneself to dress on someone else, being naked and becoming fragile, vulnerable. No matter which group, it remains the same : champagne and tears. It always starts as a party and always ends as a drama.

Têtes d’affiche (top of the bill) , a little opera on the run for desire.

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