Malka company is pursuing a moving reflection around dances’ proximities, languages, communities, human beings, through urban dances energies. Our dance is a “dance to say”, a dance of opening and cultural mixing, a dance beyond human races and borders, also a dance nourished by movements that have travelled down dances through the twentieth century.

Nourished by urban and world cultures he grew up with, Bouba Landrille Tchouda examines dance from a vast number of angles, hip-hop, capoeira, contemporary dance. His mixed career path, made of original meetings/encounters, feeds his unlimited investigations of dance language possibilities, trying to push its limits, to break through mankind barriers. He collaborates with artists of various aesthetics such as the Accrorap company as dancer-choreographer, or Jean-Claude Gallotta with whom he creates the SMH duo. He belongs to dancers-choreographers from hip-hop movement who has been able to develop a singular contemporary choreographic writing. National and international tours he is going on allowed him today to position himself as a choreographer beyond borders.

Bouba Landrille Tchouda is an Associate Artist of Le Rive Gauche,  Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, scène conventionnée pour la danse. Malka company is in artistic residence Bièvre-Valloire.
The company is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes), the Isère County Council, Grenoble, Echirolles, Saint-Martin d’Hères Municipalities and by the French Institue for the international tours.  And in partnership with Grenoble Alpes Isère Active.

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