From 12 and up
60 min
8 performers

Hunting tool, toy or music instrument, the boomerang has crossed spaces and our imaginaries since the dawn of time. As violence, immemorial, is inscribed in our humanity and lives in our present lives. This tangible violence which grows a little more every day, invites itself to our side, interferes with us. A violence which expresses itself with acts and words but also in the very arcana of our system where words such as growth, flexibility and productivity lead to logics of destroying truculence.
Nevertheless, as red can represent bleeding blood and beating heart, violence is not only destructive : it can also be strength. Strength of anger and rage, the one that allows surpassing oneself, backward flow boldness, gathering burst, “no” predication, again and again, face to frenzy of running times. Variation on the same theme from different angles, boomerang offers this energy that lives within ourselves, whether we want it or not.

Powered by the taste of challenge and game, Bouba Landrille Tchouda throws eight dancers on stage and enlists energy and bodies’ sensuality, sometimes sharp, poetical or playful. He tries to provoke a dialogue within these moving forces as well as lightening some of our weaknesses and contradictions. What human being can be ashamed but also proud of : putting into dance power situations of submission, reinventing war games, composing life-saving illusions.

Lives. Violence.

These two words sound like they have the same starting point. They reverberate : they depend on what we do with them…

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