About Us

Mitiki is a production office founded in 2001 by Bertrand Guerry, who still is the manager of the team. The office works in different cultural fields: live performing arts, music and movies. Mitiki works with qualified people, each of their field: Thomas Guerry, choreographer and artist, Camille Rocailleux, composer and artist and Bertrand Guerry, director, movie technician and company administrator.

From 2001 until today, Mitiki accompanied several artists. Amongst them: Dancers, musicians, choreographers, composers, directors and photographers. The office helps them with their administration, distribution and communication. Mitiki provides equipment, tools of trade and so forth… it also provides support during tours.

Mitiki truly believes in a cross-field cooperation. The individual supported cultural area is not treated closed within, exchanges between the different fields are encouraged. The intresting and inspiring mix is stimulated in different ways : shared offices, skill trade, provided savoir-faire from a cultural area to another… To work with Mitiki means to work within an active, openminded, strongly united team with lots of prolific exchange.