Dance Music
From 7 and up
30 min
3 performers
Choreography: Thomas Guerry

“Each time I see BOUNCE! I am moved by the duo between the two dancers « tied » by the violin. This moment focuses on the usual concerns highlighted in my shows: how a dancer and a musician can evolve together? How two bodies, two identities, can be as one?

Each time I see this duo, I notice choreographic constraints I want to develop more: contact dance, lifts, volume and space perception.

Each time I see this suspended time, this breath, I want to go farther in the exploration of this special meeting. What are they doing here? What would happen if they had time to feel confortable together?

Also, I hope this work (with its light form) will reach audiences who could not have seen the company’s works until then, because of the lack of cultural equipment or the structures’ restrictions. I hope going beyond the classical conventions of staging with this play, in order to explore new lands, new staff, new teams and new audiences.” Thomas Guerry

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Les Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon (69)
Sunday 9 June 2024 – 10h00
Sunday 9 June 2024 – 11h30
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Available on tour