From 14 and up
60 min
3 performers
Choreography Christian Ubl

AU is not a “representation” of diversity nor the juxtaposition of cultures, but the result of an overhaul of Austrian and Australian roots.
In  AU, traces of ancient times, known codes and residual clichés remain, but are not located in a conventional place. The clash of representations allows us to question the dogma of acculturation-adaptation.
By digging around the concept of ‘elsewhere’ new artistic foundations emerge. It is elsewhere that the origin must be sought.
Together the artists question and try to create a new or perhaps a forgotten space. A place that does not belong to an identifiable territory and does not have a specific function. A place where power is neither expressed nor endured. This hybrid space is a refuge for diversity, composed of lost ideas, vagabond identities, forgotten cultures and exists at the periphery of the possible. A forgotten place ? A political negligence ? An unhoped for space ?

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