Christian originally began as a professional figure skater and “Latin dancer” in Vienna and won many competitions in this field.
Since 1993, he shows an interest in contemporary dance and received training session in Vienna, Budapest, Nantes, Istres and New-York.
In 1997, he entered Coline in Istres for 2 years: he met Luc Trembley, Serge Ricci, Mirjam Berns, Fabrice Ramalingom, Hélène Cathala, Françoise Murcia.
At the end of this course, he continued his career with Robert Seyfried and About Lagraa.

From 2000, he is involved Michel Kelemenis’ plays L’Atlantide (2000), 3 poèmes inédits (2001), Cadenza (2002), Besame mucho (2004), Pasodoble (2007), Aléa et Disgrâce (2009).  Then he was selected to dance in Dominique Bagouet’s performance Meublé sommairement.
In 2001, he performed for Christiane Blaise, Daniel Doubles and Delphine Gaud. Since 2003, he dances with Thomas Lebrun La Trêve (2004), What you want? (2006), Switch (2007) and takes over a role for the Cie Linga, in Lausanne and the Ireland Dance Theater in Dublin.

In 2005, he obtained his Human and Social Sciences – Performing Arts Degree (Lyon II University) and then became the Artistic Director of CUBe.

Thereafter, he created: May you live in interesting Times (2005), ErsatZtrip (2006), Klap ! Klap !(2008), blackSoul & whiteSpace (2010-2012) I’m from Austria like Wolfi ! (2010) et La Semeuse (2011), blackSoul&whiteSpace (2010-2012), Shake it out (2014), A U (2015), Langues de feu (2016), STIL (2017), H&G (2018). He also assisted Thomas Lebrun for With Pop Songs – a projet for 16 amateurs in Paris (MPAA) and created And So We Dance, a play for 20 amateurs, for the opening of the Tours d’Horizon festival in the National Choreographic Center of Tours, in June 2013.

In 2014, he created within the Pavillon Noir “SHAKE IT OUT”, a performance for 5 dancers and 2 musicians dealing with the importance of tradition and folklore in the European cultural sphere. SHAKE IT OUT received the Jury Prize during (Re)connaissance in November 2014.

During the 2014/15 season, he started a new work with Toméo Verges as a performer and created simultaneously the third piece of the triptych about living abroad with the choreographic work A U in cooperation with Gilles Clément, Kylie Walters and Sébastien Martel.
In 2016, at the invitation of Hubert Colas he created with Lucie Depauw Langues de feu for the ActOral festival, in Marseille and worked on his new opus S T I L, play for 6 dancers and 2 musicians.

Christian is an Associate Artist of La Briqueterie (2017-2019), the Choreographic Development Center of Val-de-Marne.

Through all the CUBe projects, Chrisian UBL wants to put forward several areas of research in the fields of movement, image, visual arts and architecture in order to assemble these singular energies and to collectively question our society.

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