Dance Music
From 7 and up
50 min
4 performers
Bérengère Fournier and Samuel Faccioli

By exploring a missing part from the original version of the tale, we’ll travel in disrupting the established order of things.
In our dreams, we run, we fly yet we are still. We live extraordinary adventures, intense visual images arise in us, we are overwhelmed by the power of our emotions.
Extraordinary is the creativity of our dreams during which the usual constraints of time and space, the laws of nature and logic, anything that we have learned in daylight about the limits of our actions and thoughts fades away and disappears.

Like the fluid rhythm of dream, we will reconstruct her hundred years of wandering. We will convene themes of childhood, the strange, dreamlike imagery while staying true to the characteristics work of our company: refined aesthetics, a distanced tone and a precise and rigorous choreography.

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