Dance Video
From 7 and up
30 min
3 performers
Lionel Hoche

This trio gives free rein to an imaginative poetry based on a cohort of fantastic creatures. A contemporary mythology that questions the magical, staging a volatile and playful study of art and choreography.
M.M.O. pokes fun at Perrault’s tales, the inspiration for Ravel’s work “Mother Goose”, so that the magical event may strike a chord with our era and take on conspicuously pop aesthetics, all the while in tune with the tribal heritage of cosmogonic beliefs. Leaving behind a linear narrative, this gallery of creatures alternates between solos, duos and trios in a series of metamorphosed dances: playful and otherworldly sketches.
Bordered by false forest landscapes, this dreamlike fantasy makes use of the enchantment linking technology to craft.

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