Since 2013, the Kokeshi Company has been located in Nantes (France) where it actively campaigns for the development of contemporary dance for young children and adults.

In the company’s view, to bring a child to discover a show in the theater is above all, the joy of doing together a step towards the unknown and to share a unique and singular moment for everyone.

Sharing this adventure, in family or in a school setting, is to experience the group it and sometimes to see each other differently. The child, curious, attentive, and completely available at the moment can then discover a particular sensitivity and forge his own vision of the world, thus developing its identity as a future citizen.

Stand up for young people shows, is to show commitment and incites opening out to the world. It means to imagine theatre in a different way; to pushing and rethink in theatre.

Inviting very young children to see artistic performances as well as adults allow them to discover contemporary dance for the first time.

The Kokeshi Company is supported by Pays de la Loire Region, Loire-Atlantique department, Nantes city, Ancenis local council community.

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