Lucie Augeai and David Gernez are both choreographers and dancers. They met in 2010 and created the Adéquate Company (Poitiers) the same year. The company’s birth is marked by their first duet entitled « NOEUDS ». A solid reference for the company ever since, « NOEUDS » won many awards and really asserted their artistic collaboration articulated around the themes of identity and a fluid approach of movement.

Adequate Company’s fluid and articulate dance which draws on shared experience and talks is built around one fundamental issue, rooted in its repertoire: our relationships with others whether amorous or brotherly ones.
The same kind of relationships that build us or travel through us, whether they belong to our intimate world or our professionnal life, and even beyond, to our political reach and geopolitical relationships.
A quest for one’s identity and the identity of the world as it is. A quest embodied by wide and generous movements fueled with an enlighting cheeky spirit. These movements faithfully reflect Company Adequate’s motto as they seek to gather as broad an audience as possible.

Company Adequate want their productions to be accessible without compromising on the quality of the dance which is the very essence of their art, that is to say contemporary dance.

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